Graphene is a two dimensional material with outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical properties for which it is regarded as the material of the future. Graphenemex considers two approaches for graphene production:

  • Top-down: chemical exfoliation of graphite, in conjunction with sonication and shear mixing.
  • Bottom-up: epitaxial growth via Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

There are numerous graphene-based novel materials: from graphene to graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide. The properties vary depending on the number of layers, defects and degree of oxigen-containing groups. Besides, graphene-based materials can be functionalized by the introduction of different functional groups to control and manipulate the material surfaces in order to fullfil the requirements of a wide range of applications. In some cases, quasi-perfect graphene is required, in other cases, it is desirable for graphene to have some imperfections. Graphene´s commercial applications are still limited due to high costs and low production capacity. In this regard, Graphenemex has established procedures to scale-up graphene production in order to meet customers and applications needs. We are committed to be a low cost provider and to assure quality, scalability, replicability and standardization of the graphene-based materials we produce.