Our graphene innovation center is located in Mexico City, in a brand new building specially designed to fit three laboratories equipped with state-of-the art equipment to cover the whole process from graphene production to characterization and applications development.

Graphenemex considers two approaches for graphene production:  – Top-down: chemical exfoliation of graphite. – Bottom-up: epitaxial growth via chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

We utilize several methodologies depending on the type of graphene required for each application.  The laboratories are equipped with the latest technology such as an Aixtron CVD System for 6-inch diameter substrates, Thermo Scientific Raman and UV-Vis spectrometers, Hielscher ultrasonic devices, Silverson shear mixers, Haake extruder and Instron testing machine.

In addition, through the agreement with the Nanoscience and Nanothechnology Center of the IPN, we have access to other highly specialized equipment: AFM, XPS, TEM and SEM.

The infrastructure is modelled as a pilot plant to produce small volumes of the new products and to test in advance procedures to be used in full-scale operation.This new center is expected to foster graphene innovation in Latin America.