Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) is obtained through the reduction of GO by several methods. Oxygen-containing groups are removed so that the structure and properties of graphene are partially restored. For example, GO loses its hydrophilicity as a result of the reduction process.

GO can be reduced through chemical, thermal or IR/UV irradiation processes. The reduction method utilized determines the degree of oxygen reduction (carbon to oxigen ratio) and, therefore, the final properties and performance of rGO.

Although rGO does not fully resemble graphene properties, such as electrical and thermal features, it is good enough for most applications and there are still many advantages (including its lower cost and scalability).

rGO can be used in in applications such as polymer composites, photodetectors, gas sensors, energy storage (batteries), electrodes, biomedical applications and heat conduction.



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Data Sheet rGO

Data Sheet rGO